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The user science poster session provides a great opportunity to share your latest advances and results as well as network with colleagues to learn about new capabilities, technology and research results.  The User Science Poster Session was held on Thursday, September 28, 5-7 pm.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017 Joe Wong Outstanding Poster Award Competition (and thank you to the SSRL and LCLS UEC Judges)! 

Gauthier Deblonde, LBNL:  Shedding Light on the Transplutonium Element (Am, Cm, Bk, Cf) Solution Chemistry Using EXAFS - Beam Line 11-2

Izumi Ishigami, Albert Einstein College of Medicine:  Crystal Structure of CO-bound Cytochrome c Oxidase Determined by Serial Femtosecond X-ray Crystallography at Room Temperature

Ariana Peck, Stanford University:  Intermolecular Correlations are Necessary to Explain Diffuse Scattering from Protein Crystals

Poster Session

2017 Poster Session PDFs

Everyone submitting a poster must

1) Register for the event (registration fee waived for students presenting posters)

2) Submit an abstract

3) Contact Lisa Dunn (ONLY if you are interested in competing for a Joe Wong Poster Award)

The user science poster session provides a great opportunity to share your latest advances and results as well as network with colleagues to learn about new capabilities, technology and research results.  Submit your poster abstract by noon on Wednesday, September 20.  Please also send Lisa Dunn a message if you want to compete for a Joe Wong Poster Award

 The User Science Poster Session will be held on Thursday, September 28 at 5 pm. 

Check in with the registration desk when you arrive for your assigned poster space. Posters cannot exceed a width of 3 feet. Push pins will be provided to display your poster (see poster preparation tips below).

Poster Blitz:

Promote your poster during the poster blitz which will occur at the conclusion of the September 28 Plenary Session I. To participate in the Poster Blitz, prepare a creative ~30-45 second pitch for your poster and send one PowerPoint slide via email to Ray Sierra before September 20.

Keep your pitch short with minimal technical jargon – past blitz presenters have incorporated art, illustrations, poetry, singing, dancing, etc.  Be Creative! 


Plan to set up your poster BEFORE noon on the 28th so that you can take full advantage of the poster session window.

The Poster Session will be held Thursday, September 28th 5-7 pm on the patio of Building 053, Scientific User Support Building (SUSB).

reception is also being planned in the early evening on the same day so there are additional opportunities to visit other posters and interact with colleagues.

Please retrieve your posters before you leave the conference. Presenters are responsible for taking down their posters BEFORE NOON on Friday, September 29. Posters not retrieved by this time will be re-purposed by the facilites or discarded.

Poster Presentation Tips:

The content of each poster should be clearly divided into sections including introduction, experimental aim (or problem definition), work summary, results, and conclusions. Push pins will be provided to display your diagrams, graphs, data, pictures and a small amount of text. POSTERS MAY NOT EXCEED 3 FEET IN WIDTH.  No audiovisual equipment is available.

Legibility - The poster should be readable from a distance of at least 5'. Suggested sizes are a minimum graph size of 10" (25 cm), section heading letters of 3/4" (2 cm), and text and figure lettering not less than 3/8" (1 cm).

Heading - A heading label including the title, author name(s), and the address of the primary author(s) should be included. The recommended lettering size is 1-3/16" (3 cm). This should be mounted at the top of the poster board.

Titles - All figures and tables should be titled.

Dimensions - The poster material is limited to 36" width.

Poster Printing - Unfortunately, we cannot print posters. However, there are a number of printing companies with offices in Palo Alto that you can send a .PDF file to and have them print your poster for you to pick up when you arrive. Most will print within 3-5 days, so it is recommended to arrange printing in advance!

  • Copy Factory - 3929 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Phone: (650) 856-2020.
  • FedEx Office and Print Shop - 249 California Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94306. Phone: (650) 328-3381.


Click here for the 2016 poster abstracts and winners of the 2016 Joe Wong Poster Award:

  • Camila Bacellar, Graduate Student, University of California Berkeley/LBNL:  Imaging Anisotropic Nanoplasma Dynamics in Superfluid Helium Droplets
  • Fang Ren, Stanford University/SSRL Material Science Division:  Identify Phases in Materials - Human or Robot?
  • Anna Wise, Stanford University/SSRL Material Science Division:  High Resolution Chemical Mapping of Energy-related Materials: Development of Soft X-ray Ptychograpy at SSRL

For more information about posters or abstracts, please contact Lisa Dunn or Cathy Knotts.

List of Submitted Posters

Poster NumberNameAbstract TitlePrize Entry?

Poster Student Download


62Iwnetim AbateFluoroethylene Carbonate Induces Ordered Electrolyte Interface on Silicon and Sapphire Surfaces as Revealed by Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy and X-ray ReflectivityYYabstract
9Oriyomi AdeliyiPurification and Crystallization of Carbon Monoxide-bound Dwarf Sperm Whale MyoglobinYYabstract
23Andre Al HaddadUltrafast and Site Selective X-ray Pump/ X-ray Probe Photoemission Experiment on CO  abstract
15Christopher AnjorinExpression and Purification of Recombinant Hemoglobin HbS/ProvidenceYYabstract
66Dileep BhogadiDesign and Construction of Advanced Spectroscopy Beam Line 15-2 at SSRL  abstract
38Christopher BiwerExploration of Ensemble Data via Interactive User Inputs  abstract
71Kristin BoyeImpact of Reducing Conditions on the Stability of Organic Matter and Organic-uranium Complexes  abstract
19Chuntian CaoThe Atomic Scale Electrochemical Lithiation and Delithiation Process of SiliconYYabstract
67Emily CardarelliEffects of Microbial Communities on Uranium Oxidation and Mobilization in the Presence of Nitrate, Nitrite and OxygenYYabstract
4Isai Castillo-SandovalSurface Impurities on Giant Crystals of Naica: Structure, Origin and EvolutionYYabstract
33Bor-Rong ChenIn-situ X-ray Characterization of MnOx Polymorphs Formation Pathways via Hydrothermal SynthesisY abstract
45Florian CondamineVery High-spatial and Spectral Resolution Spherical  abstract
73Matthew DavisBeyond Tuning - Optimizing Move Performance  abstract
39Gauthier DeblondeShedding Light on the Transplutonium Element (Am, Cm, Bk, Cf) Solution Chemistry Using EXAFS - Beam Line 11-2Y abstract
7Vincent DuongFluorine-edge Resonant Photoemission Spectroscopy at the Molecules Assembled on a Gold Substrate  abstract
77Maryam FarmandOperando X-ray Spectroscopy Studies of CO2 Reduction Reaction Mechanism on Ni and Ni Alloy Catalysts  abstract
1Patrick FrankAqua Copper(Il) in Frozen Glasses: A Third Unexpected Journey away from Axial Symmetry  abstract
40Alexandre GauthierTime- and Angle-resolved Photoemission for Material ScienceYYabstract
27Natalie GeiseUnderstanding Coulombic Efficiency of Lithium Anodes through Operando XRD  abstract
68Simon GeorgeA Bench-Top EXAFS Spectrometer based on Superconducting Tunnel Junction Detector Technology  abstract
3Brenna GibbonsIn situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Investigation of Silver-Copper Nanoparticles for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction  abstract
13Aryeh Gold-ParkerSlow Transformation from a One-Dimensional Crystalline Precursor to PbCI Derived MAPbl  abstract
47Ahmad HosseinizadehConformational Landscape of a Virus from Single-particle X-ray ScatteringY abstract
46Tzu-Yen HuangUsing X-ray Scattering Techniques to Probe Hierarchical Nanomorphology of Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells  abstract
51Yijing HuangMechanism for the Soft-mode Driven Lattice Instability in SnSe  abstract
22Izumi IshigamiSerial FeCrystal Structure of CO-bound Cytochrome c Oxidase Determined by Serial Femtosecond X-ray Crystallography at Room TemperatureY abstract
29Robert KasseInitial Formation of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase in Li Metal Batteries  abstract
12Andrew KissHigh-Speed Imaging for Additive Manufacturing of Titanium Alloys at SSRL  abstract
72Arjun KohliVisualizing and Measuring Flow in Shale Matrix Using in situ Synchrotron X-ray Microtomography  abstract
48Kristjan KunnusValence Electronic Structure of Fe-based Photosensitizers from Resonant Inelastic Soft and Hard X-ray Scattering  abstract
55Qingyun LiPyrite Oxidation in Shale Matrices after Exposure to Fracture FluidY abstract
64Renkai LiTHz-based Attosecond Metrology for Ultrafast Electron Diffraction  abstract
18John LinComparing FEFF9 XANES Simulations of Copper with Subsurface Oxygen to Operando Grazing Incidence XAS of Copper Thin Films During Electrochemical CO2 Reduction  abstract
10Luc LisiExtreme Field Laser-Plasma Physics at UT Austin  abstract
26Alexys LongCrystallization of Phosphomimetic and Inactive LiaS in Enterococcus faeciumYYabstract
20Laura LuoExpression and Purification of the Human Astrovirus Capsid Protein VP90 for Structural and Functional AnalysisYYabstract
70Irimpan MathewsAugmenting the Efficacy of Chemotherapies by Inhibiting the GAS6/AXL Pathway  abstract
8David McGonegleMeasuring the Timescale of Plastic Deformation in Laser Compressed Highly Textured Ta Samples via X-ray Diffraction  abstract
32Elizabeth MillerOperando X-ray Spectromicroscopy of Sulfur Evolution in Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesY abstract
54Stephanie MoffittCharacterization of Anti-Soiling Coatings for PV Glass: Understanding Functionality and Degradation Pathways  abstract
24Vincent NoelRedox Constraints on Shallow Alluvial Sediments: Implications for U Mobility  abstract
57Ugwumsinachi NwosuPhosphorus Speciation in Atmospherically Deposited Air Particulates from High and Low Elevation Sites of California and ColoradoY abstract
49Clara NybyLight-induced Terahertz Phonons in the Td Phase of Multilayered WTez and M01-×WxTez Probed via Femtosecond Electron Diffraction  abstract
61Benjamin Ofori-OkaiDevelopment of Intense THz Pumping Capabilities for MeV-UED at SLAC ASTA Facility  abstract
56Jose OlmosCapturing Enzymatic Intermediates via Mix-and-Inject Serial CrystallographyYYabstract
50Ariana PeckIntermolecular Correlations are Necessary to Explain Diffuse Scattering from Protein CrystalsYYabstract
60Arun RamanathanCan Machines Take over Our Jobs? Accelerating the Process of Rietveld Refinement by Using EmulationYYabstract
2Fang RenPredicting Geometric Parameters of 2D XRD Detector for Image Calibration Using Supervised Machine Learning  abstract
37Caleb RingkobUnderstanding Adenylate Kinase's Structure and Dynamics through Protein CrystallographyYYabstract
75Andrew RiscoeUsing X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) to Gain Atomic Insight into Uniform Catalytic MaterialsYYabstract
28Dylan RittmanShock Compression of Water to above 200 GPaYYabstract
69Michael RodersCharacterization of Non-fullerene Charge Transport Networks in Bulk Heterojunction Thin Films  abstract
76Soung Hun RohNIH Research Resource Center and Regional Consortium for Cryo-EM at SLAC  abstract
17Victoria SavikhinImprovement of Organic Photovoltai Microstructure through Polymer Sidechain ModificationYYabstract
25Sebastian SchneiderAdvancing Roll-to-Roll Printed All-polymer Solar Cells with Combined X-ray Scattering Morphology Study and  abstract
63Carmen SeguraSmall Angle X-ray Scattering of Conjugated Polyelectrolytes Surfactant Complexes in Aqueous  abstract
14Xiaozhe ShenFemtosecond Mega-electron-volt Electron  abstract
44Yingchen ShiFast SPI Images Classification Using Supervised Machine Learning Methods  abstract
34Joseph SinghMultimodal in situ Characterization of ZnO-modified Co Catalysts for Alcohol SynthesisYYabstract
6Marcin SliwaFemtosecond X-ray Diffraction Studies of the Reversal of Plastic Deformation during Shock Release of TantalumYYabstract
65Thale SmithMicrostructure and Mechanical Property Heterogeneity in Directed Energy Deposition (DED) Austenitic  abstract
52Jonathan SniderDevelopment of In-X Bimetallic Catalysts for Enhanced CO2 Hydrogenation to Methanol  abstract
30Hans-Georg Steinrueck The Nanoscale Structure of the Electrolyte-metal Oxide InterfaceY abstract
21Samuel TeitelbaumQuantitative Electron-Phonon and Phonon-Phonon Coupling in Bismuth TellurideY abstract
59Vivek ThampyMapping the Evolution of Microstructure and Phase during Selective Laser Melting Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Alloys using High-speed in-situ DiffractionY abstract
16Miguel TorresCrystallization and Structural Studies of an Aldo-keto Reductase from Opium PoppyYYabstract
11Jesus ValenciaSynthesis and Crystallization Trials of New Delhi Metallo ß-LactamaseYYabstract
35Marvin ValverdeCharacterization of Shewanella oneidensis S00839 transcription factorYYabstract
53David WaltersModelling the Anisotropic Shock Response of Single- crystal RDX  abstract
74Yennai WangUltra High Speed Multi-element SDD X-ray Spectrometer with Improved High Energy Response  abstract
31Jessica WengIdentifying Resistance Mechanisms of Nocardia Strains to Trimethoprim-SulfamethoxazoleYYabstract
42Yahong XuSupervised and Unsupervised Scientific Big Data Mining in Nanoscale Spectro-Microscopic Study of Operating BatteryYYabstract
43Yahong XuElectron Bunch Pattern Monitoring via Single Photon Counting at SPEAR3  abstract
58Filip YabukarskiEnsemble-function Relationships from Cryo and Room Temperature X-ray Crystallography Provide New Insights into Enzyme CatalysisY abstract
41James YanMononuclear Nonheme Iron(V)-Imido ComplexYYabstract
5Jie YangMeV Ultrafast Electron Diffraction for Chemical Science at SLAC  abstract
36Xueli ZhengExploiting Multi-Metal Interactions of Water Oxidation Catalysts Using in situ Soft X-ray AbsorptionY abstract