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LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities Workshops, 2015: Charge

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The LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities Workshop series is intended to advance the scientific opportunities of this new facility, and refine the technical requirements to ensure maximum impact during early operations and into the future.  The results of these workshops will feed directly in to the science strategy for LCLS; will help guide the design, commissioning and ultimate operation of the upgraded facility; and will inform the R&D roadmap for instrumentation and machine performance.

Workshop Charge

  1. Identify most important science drivers (transformational, grand challenge level) that can uniquely be addressed using capabilities of LCLS-II(high rep rate <5 keV, 1-25 keV at 120 Hz)
    • Near-term science consistent with LCLS-II baseline
    • Future science consistent with potential LCLS-II upgrades
    • Succinct statement of why this science is transformational

 What are important outstanding questions in your field?

 Why have they not been answered (what is impeding progress, why now, why LCLS-II)?

 What is the potential broader impact if we can answer these questions (why are they important)?

  1. Identify key capabilities, consistent with nominal LCLS-II baseline (and upgrades – secondary)
    •  Photon flux, pulse duration, rep rate, tuning, polarization, etc.  
  2. Map out experimental approach and key requirements for:
    • Beamline optics, endstation(s), detectors, lasers, sample injectors etc.
  3. Compare experimental approach to current state-of-the art & assess alternative approaches
    • Can the experimental approach leverage existing instrumentation/expertise?
      • What R&D is required?
    • Can the science be done with other existing sources?(e.g. diffraction-limited synchrotrons, table-top HHG, etc.)