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LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities Workshops, 2015

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LCLS-II Scientific Opportunities Workshops

February 9-13, 2015 

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Menlo Park, CA



Material Physics Workshop

9-10 February 2015 
12 February 2015 (MEC Breakout)

Life Science Workshop

10-11 February 2015  

Chemistry Workshop

12-13 February 2015 


Invited Speakers


Peter Abbamonte    

Wah Chiu    

Reinhard Dörner    

John Hill    

Richard Kirian    

Jon Marangos    

Theo Rasing    

David Eisenberg    

Robert Schlögl    

Oleg Shpyrko    

Robert Stroud    

Villy Sundström     

Thomas Russell    

George Phillips    

Franz Himpsel

Justin Wark    

Marius Schmidt    


Keith Nelson

Dmitri Svergun



  **The matter in extreme conditions (MEC) breakout session and speakers are scheduled for Feb. 12.  To attend this session, register for the Material Physics Workshop and select MEC Breakout Session for the 12th Feb.   


The LCLS-II project will provide a major upgrade to the functionality of the LCLS x-ray free electron laser facility, delivering a compelling, internationally-leading capability that will open up significant new areas of science.

Following a series of major reviews, a baseline design for LCLS-II has been established that incorporates a 4 GeV superconducting accelerator and two undulators capable of delivering femtosecond-scale x-ray pulses at up to 1 MHz repetition rate for photon energies between 250 eV and 5 keV. These upgrades will also enable photon energies as high as 25 keV (in the fundamental beam) at 120 Hz repetition rate using the existing accelerator.

The LCLS team is organizing a series of three separate workshops to discuss the scientific opportunities of this new facility, and refine the technical requirements to ensure maximum impact during early operations and into the future. Each of workshops will focus on a different scientific topic: Materials Physics, Life Sciences and Chemistry. The results of these workshops will feed directly in to the science strategy for LCLS, and will help guide the design, commissioning and ultimate operation of the upgraded facility, as well as informing the R&D roadmap for instrumentation and machine performance.

We encourage everyone interested in applying LCLS-II to his or her scientific problems to attend. Separate registration is required for each of the three workshops. Registration is free and very simple. For more information and to register please click on the individual workshop links above.


For questions please contact:​​​

Bob Schoenlein (rwschoenleinv)

Jerry Hastings (

Bill Schlotter (​ 

Phil Heimann (​


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